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At Mahavira Collections, our unique infrastructure sets us apart. Two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and an up to date Research & Design Center in the heart of India’s apparel making hub Noida, an overseas design and apparel house in Los Angeles, California, USA, and global sourcing and sampling offices give us a definitive edge in terms of product range, design superiority and quality.


Spread over 2,600 sq m with the capacity to make 500K+ units per month, our wholly owned manufacturing units specialize in the design and production of woven and value added garments.

Our unique factory direct business model gives us competitive advantages in terms of speed to market, quality of product and value to customers. We also augment our product range and services by partnering with factories worldwide.


Our management, design and technical teams engage in daily communication with our vendors, making us a truly 24/7 company. Our management team, with over 15+ years of manufacturing expertise, steers our operations. More than 2000 highly skilled and trained professionals staff our production units. Our dedicated and trustworthy workforce meets the strictest standards of the apparel industry whilst implementing best practices.

15+ Years of manufacturing


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Ensuring best in class quality, swift product development and facilitating bulk production processes.

We globally source the largest selection of fabrics and trims across our product categories. The
highly experienced staff and modern technical systems at our dedicated sourcing and sampling
units in India, China and Los Angeles scout the local markets for latest trends and inspirations and
quality raw materials.



Equipped with the most advanced machines and software, our fabric cutting section is the starting point of perfection at Mahavira Collections. Our latest CAD System ensures accurate and precise cutting thereby optimizing fabric utilization.

Stitching & Sewing

Our uber modern sewing and stitching department is equipped with 1000 machines from JUKI and Pegasus. Adapting production techniques and manufacturing processes to suit product requirements and
acquiring new machines to craft new products, our stitching unit is the backbone of our world class product line.



Washing is a key process in creating that attractive look of a garment. All Mahavira Collections products are put through a stringent cleaning protocol using the latest washing and drying technology.


Mild detergents and fabric softeners are used under strict supervision to remove any stains and dirt acquired during the manufacturing process.


Embroidery is the craft of decorating fabric and at Mahavira Collections, we have the needlecraft skills to create the most intricate designs in the minutest details.


Be it digitized embroidery designs or more traditional patterns, we offer the finest embellishments for apparel and accessories.



Deploying a strict vigil, our trained and experienced inspection team checks every garment we make for any flaws or stains.

Our finishing department rectifies these through careful thread trimming, stain removing, any last stage repairing and diligent use of needle detectors etc.

As a result, only perfect pieces are finally 
ironed, folded and tagged before despatch.

Packing & Shipping

At Mahavira Collections, our talented team of merchandisers constantly strives constantly strive to provide all our customers a superior end-to-end solution.


Our corporate headquarters offers local support with logistics, warehousing, transportation and EDI services. We make sure that only approved finished goods are packed and all buyer instructions and labeling is followed.


We take special care to verify all shipping documents to facilitate on time delivery of our quality merchandise.


Quality & Testing

At Mahavira Collections, we source our fabrics and trims from all over the world after careful selection as per product specs.

Our fully equipped Fabric Quality Lab at our manufacturing hub verifies all aspects of these materials to ensure lasting quality.


Be it color fastness, shade uniformity, fabric quality, weight, shrinkage or any other product related specifications Highly experienced and trained professionals at our Quality Lab test and validate all the materials we plan to use in our upcoming products.

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