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As a progressive and responsible enterprise, Mahavira Collections adheres to global benchmarks of sustainable business practices and believes in truly giving back to the society through numerous CSR initiatives. Several environment friendly paradigms are integrated into our manufacturing processes.


Part of the Green to Wear or GTW system, the avant garde sustainability code of Inditex.

We deploy cutting edge technology and follow industry best practices that ensures environmental and product health issues in the textile industry.


We diligently follow Higg’s Guidelines, the leading global standard for sustainability reporting in the apparel, footwear, and textile industry.

The Higg’s index informs our sustainability strategy across topics ranging from water use, carbon

emissions and labor conditions.


Skill Development & Training

We organize frequent skill development workshops and specialized training modules that enhance the commitment of our staff towards better efficiency and product quality.


CSR Policy

At Mahavira Collections, ethical business practices stem from our commitment to contribute to the welfare and well-being of our workforce and the society at large.


As part of our corporate social responsibility program we take initiative to have a regular dialogue with our employees and improve work conditions.


We organize several programs to ensure their health and safety and extend these to the wider milieu as part of our social outreach.

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